Acquired Brand and Innovation Team Launches New HIPAA-Awareness Campaign

WINDERMERE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2019 / iCoreConnect Inc. (OTC PINK: ICCT) a publicly-traded, cloud-based software and technology company providing secure communication and healthcare practice management, announces the launch of “ACTUAL”, a new HIPAA-compliance educational campaign targeted to healthcare practitioners. “ACTUAL” is an acronym that reminds providers of six key HIPAA laws they must adhere to when handling electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI): Authenticated, Controlled access, Transmitted securely, Unaltered, Audited and Locked away for 6 years.

The campaign was created and implemented by the iCoreConnect Brand and Innovation team. The team is led by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Cile Spelce and Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) Chris Elley. “We’ve seen a lot of misunderstanding and mythology in the marketplace as to what HIPAA law actually says about electronic communication,” explains Spelce. “We wanted to provide an easy tool that captures the foundational spirit of the law and prompts providers to examine the details of the law for themselves, so that they may take actions to bring themselves into compliance.” One of iCoreConnect’s award-winning flagship products – iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email – allows healthcare providers to email anything to anyone anywhere with full HIPAA compliance and no file size limitations.

Spelce and Elley joined the iCoreConnect team in early 2018 after their multiple EMMY award-winning brand, media and innovation firm, Electro-Fish Media Inc., was acquired by iCoreConnect. The two co-founders brought their proprietary system of research, ideation, business process finessing and external messaging to iCoreConnect through the acquisition. As part of iCoreConnect’s leadership, Spelce oversees all brand and marketing development, while Elley works across the company to identify opportunities for collaboration, technological advancement and overall value creation.

iCoreConnect President and CEO Robert McDermott remarks, “We continue to see the benefits of bringing Brand and Innovation roles in-house. Being able to infuse any company conversation with the perspectives brought by the Brand and Innovation team further strengthens our agile development philosophy and the rapid improvement and deployment of our products into the market.”

Spelce and Elley co-founded Electro-Fish Media Inc. to help clients communicate more authentically with their audiences. The industries of past clients ranged from components of the U.S. military to a nationally known insurance carrier, high-tech enterprises and startups, destination marketing, energy and prominent television networks. In addition to brand development, Spelce and Elley’s skill sets include a heavy emphasis on product development and business process improvement to more fully deliver a company’s promise to its customers.

“The key in any relationship is the willingness and the capability of the people involved,” says Elley. “Since Day One, I’ve been impressed with the culture, attitudes and know-how of our colleagues at iCoreConnect who operate on a get-it-done basis day in and day out. It’s a true pleasure to collaborate in this environment and tackle substantial goals that make a difference in the productivity and profitability of our customers’ businesses.”

“iCoreConnect’s relentless focus on responding to what customers ask for makes marketing this brand truly worthwhile,” explains Spelce. “The products directly solve the issues that our customers have requested – down to providing U.S.-based phone support. For a CMO, that’s a very attractive product position.”

iCoreConnect builds and improves all of its software based on the feedback of currently engaged healthcare providers, including approximately 2,000 dentists and physicians who helped design and develop the iCoreDental and iCoreMD practice management EHR systems and iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email exchange.

Recent iCoreConnect recognitions include:

  • Top 10 Encryption Solution Providers by Enterprise Security Magazine
  • Top 10 Dental Solutions by Healthcare Tech Outlook
  • Top 50 Products of 2017 by Dental Products Report Magazine

    iCoreConnect’s unequivocal commitment to responding to the market has resulted in the following agreements and endorsements to date:

    • Colorado Dental Association (iCoreExchange)
    • Florida Dental Association Crown Services (iCoreExchange, iCoreDental)
    • Georgia Dental Association (iCoreExchange)
    • Louisiana Dental Association (iCoreExchange)
    • Maine Medical Association (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD)
    • Michigan Dental Association (iCoreExchange)
    • New Orleans Dental Association (iCoreDental)
    • New York State Dental Association (iCoreExchange)
    • South Carolina Dental Association (iCoreExchange)
    • StartUp Health (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD, iCoreDental, iCoreCodeGenius)
    • Texas Dental Association (iCoreExchange, iCoreDental)
    • Virginia Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

    Wyoming Medical Society (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD, iCoreCodeGenius)

      About iCoreConnect

      iCoreConnect (OTC:ICCT) is a publicly-traded, cloud-based software and technology company providing secure communication and healthcare practice management.

      Approximately 2,000 physicians and dentists helped design and develop iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email, as well as iCoreMD and iCoreDental cloud-based practice management Electronic Health Records (EHR) software.

      All iCoreConnect healthcare industry software meets the federal government’s strict laws for HIPAA-compliant communication. Its EHR software achieved certification by the federal government’s Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

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