How Rick Rahim Makes The Best Of Father’s Day With A Packed Sports Schedule

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2019 / Father’s day always seems to be packed with sports schedules for Rick Rahim‘s four children. It’s hardly a day when Rick can relax and do what he chooses.

“Ever since our children began playing sports, there have been Father’s Day All Star Tournaments,” says Rahim. For Rick, Every Father’s Day starts at the crack of dawn with one or more early morning games for the kids.

“In past years, our family has often had to split up, so my wife can take some of the kids to their games, while I take the others to their prospective tournaments,” says Rick. The Rahim family is often forced to “divide and conquer.”

While Rick understands the scheduling demands and necessity of playing tournaments on Father’s Day, he certainly does not find his special day to be one of rest. Rahim says the day is “completely about the children and their sports.” That’s just fine with Rick, who loves to watch his children play hard, and excel in their chosen sports.

“We love our four children dearly,” says Rick. “As parents, it is our duty, privilege and joy to provide the best quality of life possible for our children. That includes the fun of competition, the physical activity sports provides, and camaraderie our children experience in playing organized sports.”

According to Rahim, his children have all been playing sports from very early ages. “We’ve been lucky enough to have great coaches who really have helped our children become good athletes,” Rick says.

Rick says the side effect of having four young athletes is that weekends no longer belong to the parents. Rather, the parents belong to the arduous sports schedules. “Weekend sports can be exhausting,” he says.

Rahim says shuffling the family to sports fields every weekend can often be more stressful than a typical day at the office. But he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love watching these kids – win or lose.”

Father’s Day is always the last day of the all-star tournaments. According to Rick Rahim, “Father’s Day is generally a wonderful day of winning trophies — or a day of consoling your children and reminding them that even the hardest working people can sometimes lose.”

*Rick Rahim lives in Great Falls, VA with his wife and four children.

Rick is the President of Rick is also a helicopter and airplane pilot.

To contact Rick Rahim, visit or call 703-757-8500.


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