fetii Set to Expand to College Station, Dallas, Houston & Austin

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2019 / If you haven’t heard already, fetii is a mobile app that provides on-demand group transportation and instantaneous group rides for parties between 6 & 30 people. The California-based tech startup, founded by serial entrepreneurs Justin Rath & Matthew Iommi, is set to begin its expansion to Texas in August of 2019. With the overwhelming success that the tech start-up had in California, the transportation company is looking to further expand in different states and will be looking to rapidly expand in Texas to the 4 cities of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and College Station.

Group Ride Sharing

This method of transportation provides small to large groups the flexibility of being able to ride together without having to book multiple rides to get to the same location. Large groups riding together enhances the night experience, and individuals don’t have to wait for the rest of their party to arrive. Booking a fetii also saves money as it will be more cost-efficient than booking several vehicles to get to your destination.

The fetii vehicle requires a minimum of six people and can hold up to a maximum of 30 people per ride. Each passenger is allowed entry in the vehicle, for they will possess a unique QR code scanner provided to them through the fetii app.

The fetii vehicles are constantly maintained, regularly checked by professional mechanics and technicians. All of the company’s drivers have gone through extensive background checks, mandatory drug and alcohol programs, and possess valid commercial driver licenses with passenger endorsements.

The fetii mobile app has been said to be the Uber of group transportation and as it continues to grow in popularity, fetii also has become well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram. On the fetii website, you can see if fetii is currently available in your city.

With the success it has had in California, fetii is sure to become popular in the state of Texas as well. The fetii app can be downloaded through the app store on your smart device.

For more information about fetii, download the mobile app or visit their website at https://www.fetiiapp.com/

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