Dean Vagnozzi Offers Successful 401(k)-Alternative Retirement Planning Strategies for Savvy Investors

Leveling the Playing Field for Everyday Investors, Industry Leader Delivers Unique Investment Opportunities for the Middle Class

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2020 / Dean Vagnozzi is not your average financial planner. Instead, the 16-year industry veteran is bucking the trend of the run-of-the mill 401(k) retirement planning strategies by connecting average Americans with investment opportunities usually reserved for the ultra-rich all while earning consistent, high-level results on behalf of his clients.

With $250M under management for more than 1,000 investors nationwide, Dean meets one-on-one with more clients in a week than many financial planners see in a year. His unique network of investment opportunities consistently deliver on average 10 – 14% in monthly returns on behalf of a diverse client base, and is leveling the playing field for middle class investors by providing alternatives to everyday retirement strategies more in tune with today’s markets.

“I understand as much as anyone that the sheer number of retirement options out there can be overwhelming for the average investor,” said Dean Vagnozzi, founder and CEO of A Better Financial Plan, LLC. “That coupled with an extremely volatile market that is responding to new global issues every day – from political and environmental concerns to pandemic response and innovative new technology advancements – makes it a complex and scary time to be planning for retirement. I offer an alternative to the outdated 401(k) by connecting mid-level investors with strategies and opportunities wealthy investors have been using to produce overwhelmingly positive and consistent results for decades.”

A Better Financial Plan, LLC was founded in 2004 by Dean Vagnozzi with a vision that flying in the face of conventional-but-flawed wisdom can produce results the average middle-class investor never dreamed possible. In 2016, Vagnozzi furthered his vision by publishing the disruptive stock market alternative strategy manual: A Better Financial Plan: Significantly Improve Your Finances Without the Help of Wall Street.

After sixteen years of testing creative investment strategies, A Better Financial Plan, LLC now boasts five unconventional investment offerings in five different industries that offer lower risk than investing in Wall Street with a much more predictable upside. None of them are available through traditional brokerage firms. The firm provides safe investments that deliver outstanding returns and fixed future payouts by sidestepping the volatility of the stock market, unimpressive returns offered by indexed annuities, and unreliable prices of gold and silver. These investment opportunities are backed by two of the largest international companies in the world and were created with the help of one of the nation’s largest law firms.

“Our alternative investment opportunities offer financial liquidity and protect clients from unexpected financial hardships while delivering a good rate of return long-term,” said Vagnozzi. “With today’s average retirement planning scenario, retirees lose two of their biggest tax deductions at the moment they need them most, when they retire. Instead of gaining a huge tax burden with assets tied up for 20+ years when a client retires, my clients have financial fluidity and lower taxes paid at retirement all while earning 30-50% higher retirement savings than with a traditional advisor.”

“There’s a better way to plan for retirement – starting with the understanding that traditional 401(k) accounts and IRAs are set up for failure,” said Vagnozzi. “Just 3% of the US population is financially independent and 401(k) and IRAs are investment vehicles for the 97%, not the 3%. I teach clients how to think and invest like the 3%. Once they see how well our radical retirement strategies are working for their peers, they quickly become long-term clients.”

Before launching his financial career, Dean spent 15+ years in the IT, Software and Consulting Industries, including several years with ERP Software Giant SAP America, Deloitte Consulting and Anderson. He also earned an income by investing in residential real estate properties. His investment tips have been published in Yahoo Finance,, Foreign Policy, and more. Dean Vagnozzi is well known among the investment and financial community for providing simple yet creative solutions that democratize capital intensive and increase the accessibility of these high-yielding opportunities for the middle class.

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